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Sebastian Stan: a second summary in text posts

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“A white college student from a private college goes into a poor neighborhood and volunteers four hours a week and that’s considered exemplary. [Whereas] a poor kid who lives in that community and takes care of all the kids in that neighborhood four hours every day is not seen as a volunteer.”

— Patricia Hill Collins (via ethiopienne)

Lookin’ at you, Teach For America. (via chronicallyqueer)

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Samira Wiley (Poussey Washington), Matt McGorry (John Bennett) and Dascha Polanco (Daya Diaz)


Samira Wiley (Poussey Washington), Matt McGorry (John Bennett) and Dascha Polanco (Daya Diaz)

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I have too many books but also not enough books and I also have no space for books but I will make space for books

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do you ever look at your boobs and think “holy shit theses things produce milk!!!”

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I was asked a very ignorant question today and I wanted to take a moment to say to those certain “feminists” and people who bash my religion and my choices that when you talk to me, please remember:

  • The first University was created by a Muslim Woman named F

- Islam
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If you just had a clear box, you’d know that Schrodinger’s cat is alive and very confused.

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Daniel Radcliffe attends RADiUS-TWC ‘Horns’ & ‘Everly’ panels during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego Convention Center on July 25, 2014 in San Diego, California.

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what-is-this-thingy-bobby asked: How does racism against white people not exist?


Personal discrimination against white people exists.  But racism is systemic and white supremacy makes for a skewed power imbalance in which white people do not face institutionalized oppression based on their race.

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  • Anti-feminists: Feminists hate men and don't respect them!
  • Anti-feminists: Men can't control their sexual urges.
  • Anti-feminists: Men shouldn't dress or act in ways that are typically feminine, even if that's what they want.
  • Anti-feminists: Real men take what they want, they don't ask for it.
  • Anti-feminists: Dressing like a slut and expecting not to get raped is like wearing a meat suit around a pack of lions.
  • Anti-feminists: Men are physically the larger and stronger gender.
  • Anti-feminists: Men are just hornier than women, they aren't to blame for their sexual aggression or sexual violence.
  • Anti-feminists: Men are just more stoic and less emotional than women.
  • Anti-feminists: Men just aren't caregivers the way women are; parenting doesn't come naturally to men.
  • Anti-feminists: Men are better built to handle combat and stressful, dangerous situations.
  • Anti-feminists: Boys will be boys and men will be men.
  • Anti-feminists: Men are simple, women are complicated.
  • Anti-feminists: Men who support feminism are either gay, pussy-whipped, or trying to get laid.
  • Anti-feminists: Fuck feminists, we are the only ones who respect men!

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